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Sandalwood Aromatic soy Wax Candle

Sandalwood Aromatic soy Wax Candle


SANDALWOOD. Luxurious Essence.

I am part of the ODORO MOOD candle collection, where each candle is infused with extraordinary aroma and positive energy.

Light me up so you can relax and surrender to romantic energy.

I can be a wonderful gift, providing personal comfort and warmth to both you and your loved ones. My light brings warmth into the home, and the unique scent gives a feeling of refined lightness.

I will enrich your environment with waves of elegance and luxury, and every day I will encourage you to seek moments of joy in your life.

The black glass jar with a black wooden lid ensures that my scent remains unchanged even when you're not using me.

Origin of the scent - France.

  • Description

    Luxurious Essence A subtle and alluring scent for spaces where gentleness and elegance should dominate. An environment filled with this aroma will exude luxury and be associated with good taste and harmony.

    Fragrance notes

    Top notes: Sandalwood, orange.

    Heart notes: Sandalwood, rose, jasmine.

    Base notes: Vanilla, tonka beans, musk, sandalwood.

    Type of fragrance:




    Fragrance enthusiast profile: Almost every individual who enjoys soft, romantic, luxurious, floral, and eastern scents will appreciate the aroma of sandalwood.

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