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Magnolia | Home Fragrance 90 ML | MOOD

Magnolia | Home Fragrance 90 ML | MOOD


Magnolia. Elegant Freedom.

The scent is for those whose homes should be filled with harmony and romance.

Fragrance notes:

Top notes: apple, melon, pear

Middle notes: honey, magnolia, carnation

Base notes: vetiver, cedar, jasmine, musk

Fragrance type:




The fragrance of magnolia will be appreciated by every woman who enjoys floral, romantic, fresh, and fruity scents. It's for personalities who value harmony, coziness, beauty, and romance.

  • Description

    For homes where harmony and romance should linger in the air. I will fill them with the scent of outdoor flowers and the clean coziness, inspiring you to reach out more often to the beauty, freedom, and harmony of the world. I'll envelop you in comfort and the freshness of nature.

    Scent Origin - France.

    In the MOOD collection bottle lies the aromatic scent and its mood-forming formula for you and your home. The indispensable duo of my home fragrance: a round glass bottle with 90 ml of aromatic oil and black multiple-strand new technology sticks work wonders in your beloved spaces.

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