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Magnolia Aromatic Soy Wax Candle

Magnolia Aromatic Soy Wax Candle


MAGNOLIA. Majestic Freedom.

I am a scented candle from the ODORO MOOD collection.

I am saturated with a wonderful aroma and good intentions.

Light me up and relax, enjoy a romantic moment.

I am a wonderful gift for yourself or anyone who wants to give the embrace of coziness.

My flame will fill your home with warm light, and the aroma - with gentleness and elegance.

I will enrich your home with the sweet breath of luxury and style and inspire you to seek a little more aesthetics and little things that make life much more beautiful every day.

The scented candle is housed in a black glass jar.

It has a black wooden lid that stops the scent from evaporating when the candle is not in use.

Origin of the scent - France.

  • Description

    MAGNOLIA - Majestic Freedom

    A scent for those whose homes should be filled with harmony and romance.

    Fragrance notes

    Top notes: Apple, cantaloupe, pear.

    Heart notes: Honey, magnolia, carnation.

    Base notes: Vetiver, cedar, jasmine, musk.

    Type of fragrance:




    Fragrance enthusiast profile: Every woman who enjoys floral, romantic, fresh, and fruity scents will appreciate the aroma of magnolia. A personality that values harmony, coziness, beauty, and romance.

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