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Inoop (Elite)

Inoop (Elite)


Top notes:   plum, bergamot.

Middle notes:   apple, cinnamon, clove, carnation.

Base notes:   geranium, musk vanilla, cedarwood, amber.

  • Description

    The holiday season is a great opportunity to show care and love, which is why Aromatic •89• has created a new skincare set for men. The set includes:

    • Inoop shower gel - not only refreshing but also with a long-lasting aroma and enriched with various vitamins, it will help start the day on a positive note.
    • Inoop aftershave lotion - a product that reduces skin irritation and enriches the skin with various vitamins and minerals, allowing you to feel comfortable after every shave.
    • Inoop facial cleansing gel - the key to clean, healthy, and radiant skin, helping to maintain youthfulness and radiance.

    The skincare set is not only practical but also an elegant gift idea suitable for any man who wants to take care of his appearance and feel great.

    Attention: Avoid contact with eyes or mouth when using the lotion. Keep it tightly closed at room temperature, out of reach of children. Protect it from direct sunlight and moisture. It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test on the skin before use. Shelf life is 12 months from the date of opening.

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