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Home Scent And Candle Set - Joy

Home Scent And Candle Set - Joy


Home scent and soy wax candle set 



The set includes a natural soy wax candle and a homemade scent with sticks.

Soy wax candle "JOY" aroma of orange and white chocolate

Burning time:

35 hours.


Main notes of scent: Red Grapes, Apples, Ambergris

Volume: 100 ml.

Shelf life: up to 160 days.

  • FYI

    Instructions for use of the candle:
    Knat - we use cotton. It is thicker, so sometimes when burning, the flame of the candle can start to "jump", dark smoke appears, in which case extinguish the candle and cut the knife so that it is 1 cm long. Light up and continue to enjoy.


     - Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

    Home scent with sticks "LAUMES KERAI":


    Candle Family home fragrances are made by mixing fragrant oils, fragrance base and perfumes. In the package you will find 8 pcs. black sticks to be placed in an open glass perfume bottle. To remove the odor sticks, pull them out and invert them, then put them back in the bottle. We wish you a pleasant and pleasing aroma.

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