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Erotic Game: Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition

Erotic Game: Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition

  • Description

    69 questions - only truth matters.

    69 challenges - for those who dare.

    The creators of the internationally beloved erotic game "Discover Your Lover" have now developed an erotic "Truth or Dare" edition! The game features 69 spicy questions and 69 provocative dares. It's bold, playful, and exciting!

    "Truth Or Dare" can be played by 3 or more players. Throw in the included token to determine which card you'll draw. Drawing a truth card earns you points only for an honest answer - the more detailed, the better. Drawing a dare card earns you points for completing the provocative challenge. Don't want to answer or do what you drew? No worries - but points will be deducted for unanswered questions or unperformed tasks.

    Examples of questions and tasks:

    • Lie down blindfolded on your back, arms close to your sides. Each player now places one hand on your body, and you have to guess whose hand is where;
    • What is your secret sexual fantasy?
    • Ask the player to your left to spank you. Three gentle slaps will suffice;
    • The person on your right hides a coin under their clothes. You have to find it with your eyes closed.

    Play "Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition" with friends before heading out on the town, at a party, or whenever you're up for some spicier fun! This hot game guarantees an open and fun time. If you're playing for points, decide in advance what the winner (or loser) can expect.

    It's time for truth and daring! Who dares to take on the challenge?

    Game in English.

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