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Ambergris  | HOME FRAGRANCE 90 ML | MOOD



Ambergris. Eastern Mystery.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: amber

Heart notes: incense, geranium

Base notes: vanilla

Type of fragrance:




Ambra's scent will definitely be appreciated by an individual who loves luxury and elegance. They are someone solid and distinguished, who enjoys luxurious items, accessories, and natural interior details, such as leather or solid wood furniture, stylish, and often unique, designer interior solutions. They have a distinctive personality, perhaps a bit sharp-edged, but always valued for their unique taste.

  • Description

    For homes where the fragrance should elegantly emphasize luxury and the uniqueness of home details. I'll saturate your fortress with deep, rich, eastern mystery and the expression of exceptional taste. I'll inspire you to continue pursuing your charismatic uniqueness.

    Origin of the scent - France.

    In the MOOD collection bottle lies the aromatic formula and mood it brings to you and your home. An integral duo of my home fragrance - a round glass bottle with 90ml of aromatic oil and black multifilament new technology sticks - work wonders in your beloved spaces.

    Eastern Mystery A refined, eastern fragrance enveloping space with an impression of luxury and elegance. Amber is considered a gemstone in perfumery due to its specific, expressive, and unparalleled aroma.


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