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AMBRA. Eastern secret. I am from the ODORO MOOD collection - a scented candle characterized by a unique aroma and a positive aura. Light me up so you can enjoy the relaxing flow of time in a space filled with romance.

If you want to gift coziness and warmth, I will be a perfect choice for both you and your loved ones. My light will add warmth to your home, and the scent - coziness and gentleness. I will complement your space with a note of elegance and luxury, inviting you to discover beauty and aesthetic details in your everyday life.

This scented candle is housed in a black glass jar. You will also find a black wooden lid in the set, which will stop the scent from evaporating until the candle is lit.

Origin of the scent - France.

  • About:

    A refined, eastern scent enveloping space with a sense of luxury and elegance. Amber is considered the precious gem of perfumery due to its specific, expressive, and incomparable aroma.

    Fragrance notes:

    Top notes: Amber.

    Heart notes: Frankincense, geranium.

    Base notes: Vanilla.

    Type of fragrance: Eastern, Luxurious, Woody.

    Fragrance enthusiast profile Someone who appreciates luxury and elegance will truly appreciate the scent of Ambros. A person who enjoys luxury items, accessories, natural interior details such as leather or solid wood furniture, stylish and often unique, original interior solutions. Their personality is distinctive, with perhaps some sharp edges, but always admired for their exceptional taste.

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