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30 Day Romantic Challenges for Couples

30 Day Romantic Challenges for Couples

  • Description

    A Romantic Card Game to Help Couples Create a Romantic, Exciting, and Fun Atmosphere.

    Do you remember how excited you felt when you received a text message from your significant other on your phone, how every time you met your skin tingled with excitement, or how you couldn't stop touching each other? The first times are fantastic, so this game will help you remember the beginning of your relationship.

    The game features 30 romantic challenges that you must complete each day. Surprise your partner with a passionate kiss on the street, bring them breakfast in bed, or dance together to your favorite song. Romantic and erotic tests will help you bring back the romance.

    It's a great way to express love to your partner, forgetting about the daily routine. A game where you can show that you still love each other as passionately or even more than at the beginning.

    You can complete the tasks over 30 days or spice up your sexual relationship when ideas are lacking.

    The game is available in English and Spanish.

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